What is Underwriting

Underwriting is a way for Vertical Radio to provide "thank you" announcements to businesses located within our radio coverage area for their monthly financial support of the station. We let our listeners know of these businesses through on-air, non call to action announcements and our website, in the event they have a need of their services. The purpose of underwriting is not to replace your use of regular advertising; your advertising dollars are better spent somewhere you can request the listener to make a purchase decision or call-to-action. We cannot do this, however, as we are a non-profit, non-commercial radio station.

Vertical Radio is looking for committed, Christian businesses that believe in the ministry of Vertical Radio, and that are dedicated to honesty and integrity in their day to day activities. We are searching for business owners that desire to support Vertical Radio financially, regardless of the underwriting offering and because you believe in our ministry. If your business likes the message that Vertical Radio brings to its listeners each day, enjoys the artists played, and if you believe in the message of hope and salvation that Jesus Christ can bring to the world….Vertical Radio would welcome your business underwriting. Please contact Annette Bauman, Accounts Representative for further questions regarding underwriting on Vertical Radio at: Annette@VerticalRadio.org

Underwriting Guidelines


The station shall accept underwriting and donations and broadcast underwriting and general donor announcements in accordance with the following guidelines.

Retention of Editorial Control

The station has a duty to determine what programming will best serve the public interest. The selection of spokespersons, format, subject matter, duration and scheduling of broadcast material is a matter within the station.s discretion. The station reserves the right to reject any material. The station shall decline any underwriting or donation if the underwriter or donor insists upon editorial rights over any program.


The purpose of underwriting and general donor announcements is to encourage monetary and in-kind contributions to the station as well as to comply with statutory disclosure obligations.

Underwriting Announcements

Underwriting announcements shall be broadcast to inform the station.s audience of cash or in-kind donations for specific programs as required by Sections 317 and 507 of the Communications Act and Section 73.1212 of the FCC.s Rules. The furnishing of programming itself is an act of sponsorship that requires donor disclosure in announcements associated with the program. The payment of any money or consideration in exchange for including any matter in any program also must be disclosed. In this specific situation noncompliance may subject the offender to criminal penalties.

When programs are supported by a few major and numerous minor underwriters, underwriters may be acknowledged in two ways.

Major contributors - Each substantial contributor to a program must be acknowledged. A determination of substantiality should be made with reference to the total cost of the program.

Minor contributors - The station may choose to identify each minor contributor to a program or, if the list is too long, may maintain an updated list of minor underwriters at the station.s headquarters. The list should be retained in the Public Inspection File. The announcement identifying each major underwriter should include a statement that the program is supported as well by .friends of [program.s title],. or some other indication that a group of minor donors contributed to the program.

General Donor Announcements

General donor announcements may be broadcast to acknowledge cash or in-kind donations not directed by the donor to a specific program or series. These gifts to general station operations or to specific, non-program related activities are not required to be acknowledged by statute or rule, but the station may broadcast acknowledgements of such gifts as a stimulus to contributions. If the content of on-air acknowledgements is suitable, the station may contractually agree to the number and frequency of such announcements subject to the station.s general right to preempt.

Permissible Content of Announcements

Underwriting and general donor announcements must identify the donor by its legal or its recognized name of operation, but cannot promote the donor.s products or services.

The announcements may include the following information:

The name of the organization.

The purpose to which the donation was directed.

The donor.s location.

Non-comparative descriptions of the product or service line in which the donor is engaged, including visual depictions of the product or service. (Such depictions should not show the product in use.)

The donor.s brand or trade names, including visual depictions of the same.

The date of the donor.s founding or the number of years it has been in business.

The donor.s telephone number.

Bona fide non-promotional aural or visual logos (including audio slogans or jingles) which viewers would associate with the donor or its products or services.

Statements of the donor.s institutional goals, so long as no promotional reference is made to the donor.s products or services.

Impermissible Announcements

The station will not broadcast underwriting or general donor announcements that contain any of the following elements, either aurally or visually:

Any language explicitly urging patronage of particular goods, products, services or facilities (calls to action).

Any explicit mention or comparison of the price, quality or quantity of goods, products, services or facilities.

Pricing information or indication of associated savings or value.

Any depiction of apparently satisfied customers of the donor.

Any logo (including audio slogans or jingles) that is not routinely used by the underwriter in its business (a logo or jingle specially created for public broadcasting cannot be used) or that is overtly promotional in content or style.

More than three trade names, products or service listings in a single announcement.

Any form of misrepresentation.

The words .you,. .your,. and .we.. Use of these words implies a relationship between the donor and the listener.              

Underwriting Announcement Review Process

No underwriting or general donor announcement may be broadcast by the station until its content has been approved in writing by the station.s Development Director. The station shall where appropriate seek advice of counsel as to the legality of such announcements.

Permissible Duration

Underwriting and general donor announcements broadcast over the station shall be of such duration as appropriate to impart the identifying information in Guideline 6. However, no such announcement shall exceed thirty (30) seconds. duration, including the underwriter.s name and name of program sponsored.

Permissible Frequency and Timing

Station management will determine the appropriate frequency and timing of underwriting and general donor announcements, taking into account the goals of the station to encourage the donation of funds from diverse sources and to minimize adverse audience reaction. However, announcements shall in any event be broadcast so that:

(a) The sponsors of programming are identified as required by Guideline 4; and

(b) No disruption, interruption or suspension of regular programming.

Paid Announcements for Non-Profit Organizations

The station may broadcast paid announcements (announcements for which a time charge is made) promoting the goods, services or activities of non-profit organizations when, in specific circumstances, and considering the content of the proposed announcement, the station.s management determines that such announcements may be aired consistent with the station.s underwriting goals. The perception of the public shall be considered in such determination. The station will apply the following restrictions to paid announcements:

(a) The station will carry no paid announcement which has also been broadcast or is intended for broadcast as a commercial advertising spot announcement on commercial television or radio stations;

(b) The station shall procure from the non-profit sponsor such assurances it deems necessary, including but not limited to the written warranty of the sponsor, as to the bona fides of the sponsor.s non-profit status; and

(c) No paid announcement shall be aired on behalf of political candidates or their committees, or for any presentation on issues of public importance or interest.

Paid-for announcements, such as public service messages or announcements that promote goods or services offered by non-profit entities, must include a sponsorship identification explicitly stating that the message or promotional announcement has been .paid for. or .sponsored by. the sponsoring entity.

Public Service Announcements

The station may broadcast announcements promoting the goods, services or activities of any entity, if its management determines that the announcement is warranted in the public interest and if no consideration is received by the station in exchange for the message. However, no direct fundraising appeals (explicit requests for donations or like support) shall be made for any organization other than the station.